Mr.Peter Ndiboe ,Founder  Zero street child foundation .

With God Grace, Its profound time that I would really love more
people to simply know how serious it is to be in a complete
family social inclusive, WHY, It is unreachable sadness after being
in the street for thirteen years without one to lean on, After A
decade being in the street with all abuse done by street family I
would say I was lucky to be a complete reformed Street boy
with well-focused future, Audaciously I would say I have the right
toolkit in my heart for Street Child transformation leadership that
will leave a Landmark Legacy , and now it’s Big-Time for me to
Give back to the Street-Child Family and Holistic community, My
pledge is to all society to accept us and inclusively work with us to
develop and reverse the lost hope in our Street Families. After 6
years Volunteer ship I got the pillars for Trust Foundation
establishment, which am concerned with Street Families
Empowerment, skills development ,volunteer ship, Education for
the Street-Child Character Competence Initiative, Healthy, Family
reunion, Mentorship programs, Tapping Un Tapped Talent
development (Arts/Culture), Feeding program, Shelter and all that
cut across the Street Families. Because this is what leadership
means! I think ZSCF is the only opportunity that would be able to
build a Sustainable world on the bedrock of Street-child who will
impress various sectors of development and become a great human resource of this Nation and world.
ZSCF will be the most diverse Social Education and Experiential Learning institution in Kenya and the rest of the world.
(ZSCF) is committed to designing the Grass-Roots connections to development and necessary to support its position as a
Learning and Social Development Street-Child Hub of Kenya and beyond. While the Crucial (ZSCF) 2018-22 programs focus
on the Street-Child Institutional Establishment Home and its surrounding neighborhood, ZSCF aspires to broader regional
implications. (ZSCF) is the centered in metropolitan vicinity that encompasses all Sub-Counties of Nairobi and more
National outlook with the view of connecting to all Kenya Counties. The 2018-22 ZSCF seeks to address the ZSCF Financial
Monetary Assistance (FMA) to the Establishment and Construction of the (ZSCF) Institution Home in the Next 5 Years; this
will be through (Government, Loans, Well-Wishers and Grants Donations) to make this project successful.
It is with great pleasure that we offer your organization a valuable and respectable opportunity to support our
Street-Child projects through funding and also becoming Our New-Life Changing partner in our programs.



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