Meet baby Catherine rescued at a tender age of 4...

She was born on the streets on Mlango Kubwa into a street family.
The young girl never had the privilege of living in a a house or enjoy other basic needs and survived begging on the streets with the mother.

Catherine was taken into our center where she is now living.

Baby Jecinta desires to be a pilot...

Jecinta was born on the streets of Meru to a teenage mother.
The two later ended up on the streets of Nairobi where they survived by begging from passersby. We took them into our center where they are currently living and the mum is undergoing rehabilitation.

Jecinta is now attending school and desires to be a pilot.

A Tale of the 6 Brothers...

Born in Mathare slums, the six brothers were left to fend for themselves after their parents passed on. Relatives neglected them and even took away their inheritance left to them by the parents. With no one to take care of them except an old grand mother, the young lads took to the streets in a quest to fend for themselves.
Life on the streets exposed them to drug abuse and petty crime, this was home to them.

Fast forward, five of them are married to their fellow street women each with children. Some of the kids have been placed in children’s homes and they have been left with the young ones. We were able to reclaim their inherited land from the uncles and we plan to put up structures for them and empower them with agricultural projects.
Having rehabilitated them in our center for 5 months, the transformation is evident.